Recharge your battery

Morning all! First day back at school for many children today, please be careful on the roads!

Here is your Weekly Mindfulness Workout:
Being mindful of yourself includes looking after your thoughts and feelings, and also your actions. Doing things can make you tired, or it can be energizing.

Take ten minutes today, to write down a list of all the things you do, that give you energy, things that make you feel relaxed, things that give you a break, etc. Now every evening after your dinner, have a look at the list, and take note of how many things you have done to refill your battery.
Do you refill enough or are you wearing yourself down? Are you doing well or are you going to make some changes?

I make sure I take regular short breaks to recharge. My things are usually doing something creative like Zendoodle. Short breaks mean that I usually don’t finish a project though. So I have learned to accept that it’s ok not to finish. If you have children, you will have learned that already 😉
Have a good week!


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