Weekly Mindfulness Workout, what’s your number??

Good morning, this is the first workout this year! I hope you are joining in! Just take these small steps every week to improve your general wellbeing and become more resilient and less stressed. And if you forget a week, that’s ok, you can always start again!

This week I got inspired by Michael Chaskalson. It is so easy and takes only one minute! You only need a timer the first time you practice, this is to find your number.

Set your timer or watch ready to time exactly one minute. Take a few moments to focus your attention on your breathing, becoming aware of breathing in and breathing out. Start your timer while you start counting your breathing. Count one as your breathe in, two as you breathe out, three as you breathe in, four as you breathe out, and so on until the minute has passed. Write down your number. Mine was 25, easy to remember 😉

Now every day I want you take a moment to count your breathing up till your number. Remember that this will only take you ONE minute, and you always have one minute! This wil instantly calm you down and help you to destress and clear your mind. Practice at ordinary moments for the first week, practice when you notice you are stressed, agitated or wound up the next week.

Have a good week!




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