Last Weekly Mindfulness Workout for 2015!

Hope you had a lovely long weekend. I had a quiet weekend with my family and enjoyed the nice weather. Here’s the new weekly mindfulness workout for you.
One thing you can do to slow down and be mindful is to stop multitasking. This will help you to really focus on what you are doing and doing it with more awareness can improve the quality too. This can be as easy as having your breakfast without being on your phone, and just focussing on your drinking and eating. It can be walking and taking in the view without planning your day in your head. It can be stroking your pet without ruminating or it can be listening to your partner or child, without keeping your eyes on the television or newspaper. So this week try to remind yourself to do one thing at the time, and doing it with all hour attention.
Now this might sound easy, but it might take some practice. And if you only remember it once a day, that is still more than not doing it at all!
Have a good week!

Happy Christmas

Not all mums are in the situation to buy all the things their children wish for. So when I saw the message on facebook about the Womens Refuge Porirua desperate for presents for the teens for the Christmas Party, they are having today, I drove to KMart and picked up the lot. I met an awesome famiIy in the longest line for check up ever, who helped me get it all to my car. People are good!
At the refuge I got greeted by some lovely women giving their time, sorting and wrapping and making miracles happen, for the mums that got away, rescued themselves and their children and are now set for a better life in 2016.
And I thank them for letting me help, and feel good about Christmas.
Happy Christmas holidays everyone!
Christmas Wildlife - Flitter_zpstgv9pu48.jpg

Pre Christmas Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Hello lovely people, here’s the weekly mindfulness workout for this week, if you are up for it 🙂
Coloring is vey relaxing and reduces stress, it is a fun form of meditating.
It makes you use parts of your brain you might be ignoring, it improves your concentration and motor skills, it is cheap and you can do it by yourself or together, you get lovely results and will feel accomplished. If you have children you might also find that they want to color as soon as they see you’re having a good time coloring!
So to get you started I offer to email you my handmade free coloring pages to color in this week, just let me know where to email them to. And feel free to let others know about this too 🙂
Have a relaxed Christmas,

Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Good morning! Last week of school!! I will give an extra workshop for children on Friday afternoon as the morning is fully booked! So let me know if you want a break and book your children in.
Here’s your Mindfulness Workout for this week:
Keep in mind that emotions are normal feelings that go together with the situations you will find yourself in. Just accept your feelings as they are and let them be. Sometimes we unintentionally exaggerate our feelings by having unhelpful thoughts about the situation or feelings, be aware when this happens and try to correct yourself.
Have a good week and take breaks if you can!!

Managing thoughts, Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Hi all, Weekly Mindfulness Workout this week is just something to keep in the back of your mind this week. Your mind can be full of all sorts of thoughts, popping up one after the other. Remember that your thoughts are just a couple of words your brain is producing and you do not have to take them all so serious! Notice how often thoughts that pop up are useless this week and you decide if they are! Have a great week!