Should you??

Hi there,

another Monday, another Weekly Mindfulness Workout. It’s December tomorrow, busy times for many people. Part of the 8-week mindfulness training I’m running is about recognising unhelpful thoughts. And some thoughts that we all get, are thoughts starting with “I should…” or “I shouldn’t…”. Now any thought that starts like this, will give you some stress, some more, some less.

So for this week, be on the lookout for these thoughts and when you recognise them: reconsider. Decide what is really good for you to do or not to do. So you are not making life any more busy or stressful than it might already be for you!

Have a good week and remember I’m still collecting presents for mums for Little Sprouts, thanks!



Something different

Hello everybody! It’s Monday all over again! This week I have something different for you for the Weekly Mindfulness Workout .
Mindfulness is also know as kindfulness. Learning to be kind to yourself and tame your critical selftalk. And to be kind towards others, all others. Being kind to others will give you a good feeling about yourself too. That’s probably why you sometimes can even feel a bit uncomfortable when people thank you for your kindness. As if there is no need to be thanked for being kind, as the other has already allowed you to feel good, by being kind to them! 😉
I was happy to help out at one of my favourite organisations on Saturday, and helped packing boxes for the babies. Little Sprouts always puts in a gift for the mums as well, which I love. I’ve taken it up on me to start gathering more gifts for the mums that receive these packs and that is why I ask you, if you have any suitable gifts for a new mum, to get in touch, and I happily collect it from you. This could be some body lotion, a cool scarf, anything you would have liked to get as a gift for yourself. Here’s the link to the Little Sprouts on Facebook:
On the pictures you can see what a babybox looks like.
Thanks and have a good week!
Everything mum will need for the baby in the first year, nappies, smoke alarm, thermometer, toys, merino sleeping bag, clothes etc etc.
And a bodylotion for mum, with a tag & crochet heart. I made lots of these for the Easter Fundraiser Market.

Mindfulness for Parents in the Little Treasures Magazine

Today I was happy to see the article in the Little Treasures Magazine about Mindful Parenting, which I’m in! How exciting! I will post the article later on but you can get an impression here:


Mindfulness Workout

Good morning all,

Another week has gone by and there have been horrific things happening in the world the last week. We’re all thinking of the people that have lost their lives, and of all the people that have lost their loved ones.

We can also sometimes feel overwhelmed by this all. We can feel powerless and don’t know what we can do about it. These moments it might help to just take our attention back to the here and now, to focus on our breathing or senses, to give ourselves a break and relax. Just to be able to cope with it all better. This is not denying what is happening, but looking after ourselves. It’s ok to tell ourselves we are safe, we are grateful for living in freedom and free of war. Grateful that our children can go to school safely every day, they can go on the bus and train and meet up with friends by themselves. We are free to express ourselves and live the lives we choose too.

So this week try to bring your focus back to the here and now, a few times a day, focus on your breathing, or use your senses. What can you hear, what can you see, what can you feel or taste. Give yourself a short break from it all, and be grateful for all we have that we easily take for granted.

Have a good week,


Crochet and meditation

Crochet, just as colouring and zendoodlen can be meditation too. And I happen to love it all!

Here’s something I made for a project to spread mental health awareness, after a lovely young woman was taken by depression. She was Dutch, like me and she had an amazing crochet blog.

There’s also some information about crochet and meditation. You can see it all here:

Mindfulness weekly workout

Hi there,

We had another exciting week with the All Blacks parade in Wellington and the Guy Fawkes fireworks, great fun!

After the last rugby match last Sunday, I overheard someone saying that with the winning of the All Blacks, there would be a lot less domestic violence that day in NZ. And I found that upsetting. So this week the workout is about something a lot op people are not aware of. Over the years I have often heard people say it is good to give your emotions free reign, and express anger, but I have never agreed with that and this is why. Psychologist Brad Bushman explains it very clearly: “Maybe you have heard of the joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer is: “Practice! Practice! Practice!” My question to you is: “How do you become an angry, aggressive person?” The answer is the same: “Practice! Practice! Practice!” Venting is just practicing how to behave more aggressively.”

So this week’s practice is about growing awareness of your feelings of anger, frustration, annoyance etc. Do you easily fire up? First step is observering yourself and when you see you are getting wound up, or have acted angrily, bring your focus to your breathing and just follow your breathing for a couple of minutes until you feel your body has calmed down. This is not about beating yourself up for being angry but about praising yourself for being aware and taking the first step to changing! It takes practice to become a calm and more balanced person, but it’s not impossible.

As always, would love to know how you are doing, have a good week,


November already, weekly workout and more

Good morning all,

So November is here! I have a couple of busy weeks ahead of me with running the Mindfulness for Parents which is currently running in Petone and will be in Karori in three weeks on the Monday evenings. My 8-week classes in Tawa and Northland are in their third week, going along nicely! And on Saturday I was in the Petone Community House running the Mindfulness Zendoodle & Colouring Workshop. You can see what we’ve been up to here:

12191541_887420921349463_7653253485240630691_n 11174831_887420904682798_7146421602902867758_n

The workshop will be in the Karori Community Centre this Saturday the 7th!

So not only is it November, it is also Monday, so time for another weekly mindfulness workout. Here we go:

Stress is not healthy for you body and brain and general well being  This week I want you to try to become more aware of your stress levels.  You can visualise your stress level as a thermometer where the levels go up an down during the day. Or you can choose the traffic light and check in whether your levels are low (green), or high (red) or in between (orange). Or you can score your stress level on a 10 point scale, where 0 is no stress at all, and 10 is maximum stressed out. Just choose what works best for you.

If you find it hard to take time for this, or find it hard to rememer doing this, just set a timer on you phone for three different times a day, hang some sticky notes as a reminder, on your coffemaker for example, or write a little s on you hand as a reminder to notice your stress leel during the day. You can also choose to check in with yourself every time you drink or eat something. Keep track of your stress levels over this week, write them down and see how you are doing.

Have a good week,