Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Hi there, I haven’t forgotten about you all. I’m currently visiting family and I did manage to post the workout on facebook from my phone. However you can always start again with the workouts. So here it is.
This week the mindful workout is about awareness of your thoughts. All through the day there will be thoughts popping up in your mind. A lot of thoughts can be helpful in reaching your goals, and there will also be a lot of thoughts just popping up that can be less helpful.
Your challenge this week is to try to notice the thoughts popping up and hash tagging them as either ‪#‎helpful‬ or ‪#‎unhelpful‬.
Let me know how this works for you! Have a good week!!

Mindfulness Workout

Hi there, good morning!
It’s just another Monday and here’s your mindfulness workout for this week:
As I have posted before this week, your brain doesn’t naturally focus on the good things in your live. Fortunately you can train your brain to do so!! By doing this you will generate more positive feelings. You also create a new healthy habit, useful for improving and maintaining your general well being.
This week, as you have your meals, I want you to think of 5 random positive things right there where you are. It doesn’t have to be big things or expensive things, just anything that is just alright the way it is. This doesn’t cost you anymore time, you’ll be having breakfast or lunch anyway!
Let me know how you’re doing this week!

Mindful Workout for this week, take a mini break.

Last Monday before this school term ends. And time for another Mindful Workout.

If you are busy and work a lot, you might be looking forward to the holiday, only to crash as soon as it is there. Sounds familiar?

To prevend this, it might help to focus this week on taking more mini breaks. It’s important to acknowledge that your body and mind need breaks to reset, so you can keep going on doing what you think needs doing. That also means allowing yourself that you are free to take these breaks.

Now don’t get stressed, you don’t have to take long breaks, learn to take mini breaks instead. Take a minute just a couple of times a day and just unplug from all that is going on around you, that includes your phone, laptop and iPod. Just take a couple of deep breaths, stare outside the window, have a stretch. That’s all, set your timer for your first break in the morning, and at your first break, reset your timer for your next break, so you cannot forget!

Would love to hear how it’s going. Have a good week!

Mindful Doodle & Colouring for Adults Workshop

This is a fun and creative way to learn about mindfulness and all about the popular trend of doodling and colouring for adults.

No artistic skills needed at all! If your children are a bit older you can bring them along too.

You will learn about why doodleing and colouring is good for you and you get to make and colour your own zendoodles and mandalas and take a framed artpiece made by you home as well!

These classes tend to fill quickly due to limited spaces. $30

  • Tawa Community Centre, Saturday September 19, 1.30-3.30 pm
  • Wadestown Community Centre, Saturday October 17, 1.30-3.30 pm
  • Petone Community House, Saturday, October 31, 1.30-3.30 pm
  • Karori Community Centre, Saturday November 7, 1-3 pm

Mindfulness Workout

Here’s your all free Mindfulness Workout for this week.
We practice this in my 8-week training, and classes for this all round mindfulness training start again next schoolterm.
Mindful eating is a good way to set yourself in the here and now, to give your brain a break and to enjoy your meals more. You can become more aware of feeling full and it can also make you eat more slow and even less so you don’t overeat.
To make this easy for you, try to eat and drink only the very first three bites of every meal, and the first three sips of every drink, mindfully. That means using all your senses, and eating or drinking as it’s the first time you’ve ever tried this!
Let me know how this works for you!

Free Give Away

Hi there,

with my Mindful Doodle & Colouring for Adults Workshops coming up in Tawa on September 19, and in Petone and Karori in October I thought it would be fun to have a creative give away.

So head over to my Facebook page:    https://m.facebook.com/pages/Easy-Now-Mindfulness/728543133903910  on Monday morning and join my weekly Mindfulness Workout for a chance to win a ticket to one of these workshops!

Have a great week!