Have you seen the news today?

Today we finish the 8 week Easy Now Mindfulness training at the Linden Social Centre. The best part is listening to how the training has made positive changes in the lives of my students!

Next the focus is on spreading the word about the upcoming classes in July. The 8 week training at Northland, Lower Hutt and Linden, Tawa. And also a new adventure, the 4 week Easy Now Mindful Parent training starting first at Churton Park, and next at Linden and Northland.

The article about me an Easy Now in this week’s Independent Herald can only help! Here is the link:

Time flies, live mindfully.

The current training is finishing in only two weeks. Where did time go?! Time can really pass you by sometimes! Mindfulness, in being able to focus your attention on being aware in the here and now, is so important to make the most of your time.

If you pay attention, you will remember. Isn’t it true, how the things that make you happy, are these moments where you feel alive and happy and proud when you really notice your loved ones and your surroundings right here, in the here and now?

Every morning I take my little dog out to the top of the street and this is a lovely way to start my day in a mindful way. As I have to do this any way, I might as well do this mindful and feeling all the better for it. What can you do more mindful today?

Weekly Easy Now Mindfulness Workouts.

These practices are easy to do. They will not take up too much time of your busy day. Mindfulness can be easy and you can practice always and everywhere. All the little steps can help you to feel generally more calm & balanced.

These weekly practices are also posted on the facebook page, every Monday morning. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Easy-Now-Mindfulness/728543133903910

Self compassion is important in mindfulness. This week, if you want to start bringing some mindfulness into your life, you can begin by paying attention to the way you talk to yourself in your mind. We all have this little voice commenting on the things we do. So what is it telling you? That’s all, just take a few moments every day to observe yourself and notice the way you’re talking to yourself. You don’t have to do anything else, easy right?!

Thoughts: try to be aware of your thoughts and see them as just thoughts, little blibs of energy produced in your brain. They come and go as clouds in a blue sky. Sit back and just watch your thoughts go by.

Slow down: try to slow down to stay healthy. Just because if you are too busy running around for too long, your brain will make more adrenaline and cortisol which weakens your immune system and lowers your mood. You will be more vulnerable for negative thoughts and feelings. So this is what you can do: 1. Become aware of yourself racing, rushing, multitasking. 2. Tell yourself to slow down now. 3. Do one thing at the time and take your time for it. Use your senses to help you slow down. What can you see? What can you hear? What can you feel? What can you smell? You can use eating or drinking, as mindful eating is healty thing to do anyway! 4. Take your 3 deep breaths. 5. Get on with your day.

Worrying:This week the focus is on the thouhts that worry us. We all worry and that is pretty normal. But it usually means we are either thinking about something in the past, rehashing conversations and the what ifs. Or we are thinking about the future. So much can go wrong in the future! It takes you away from the only moment that is actually really happening right here in the here & now. It spoils the moment.
Worrying also gives you uncomfortable feelings and they might make you do or avoid things that you will regret.
So this week :
1. try to be aware of the moments that you are caught up in your worries. And maybe you are even able to notice the moments you are starting to worry.
2. Acknowledge that you are beginning to worry, or that you are busy worrying. “oh right I’m worrying again.”
3. Label your thoughts, for example I like to say “hashtag worries”, and that is all. You will not give them any more attention. They will surely pop up again, and you will just repeat step 2 and 3 in a gently way.
4. Easy now and just focus on what you where doing, or focus on your breathing or on anything you can see or hear or feel in the here and now around you.

Growing happiness: This week I want you to take a few minutes at the end of the day to remind yourself of three things that went well today and also to become aware of what made it go well.

Paying attention to positive moments can help reduce feelings of depression. Now these things don’t have to be big or special things. Anything will do.

Going green for a better brain: practice for the coming week is based on the article from the Washington Post by Chris Mooney. Research shows that just looking at nature can help your brain work better!
So this week I want you to take several moments a day to focus your attention on anything green you can find. This might be your garden, the tree outside your office window, the greenery you can see when you look outside your car or train or bus. Just where ever you are, find that bit of green and give it your full attention. Also be aware of your breathing and take a couple of minutes for this. You can set a repeat timer on your phone to help you remember!
I would love to hear if this helps you in any way!
Have a good week!#mindfulness, #easynowmindfulness

Joy: You can train yourself to feel more joy. Like you train your muscles when you work out physically. This can help you to become more content and more resilient. You can do this by taking a few moments a day, to have a good look around to notice what you like or what gives you a good feeling. You can use your senses for this too. And when you see or hear or smell something  that is pleasant, I want you to really focus on it. Try to be aware of all the different aspects of it. Also notice how and where you feel the joy.

It doesn’t have to be a big or major thing. Even the smallest thing can help you to train yourself. Just be be aware of what you like, and focus on it, right here, in the here and now.

And if this is hard for you to do, be kind to yourself and make it more easy for your self. You are probably trying to look for the big things. Maybe you can pinpoint what you used to enjoy and be aware of the feeling this gave you before.

Here and now:

Mindfulness is training your attention in being aware in the here and now. This week I want you to become aware of where your mind is at. Try to take several moments during your day to just check whether your thinking about anything in the past, or anything in the future. And if you are, just acknowledge these thoughts and next bring your attention back to the here and now. You can do this by focussing on what you are doing, or on your senses. If you find it hard to remember this, set your timer on your phone!