Being thankful.

Just read this really nice article in The Greater Good about being thankful.

It states that research has shown that you are more inclined to be thankful if you believe the other person had a choice in helping you out, or not helping you out.

In building Easy Now Mindfulness I have to be asking a lot of favours of people that I know and people I don’t know that well. And I do feel the grattitude when they are helping me out!

Thanks to the kindness of others, I have seen my flyers up around town, I have seen my training advertised in local news letters, in the weekly letters of schools and community centres, and it feels great.

Because I know that mindfulness is such a helpful tool for everebody to use in their daily life, I want this knowledge to be out there in my community and the greater Wellington region.

So thank you all my helpers!

Shame no more.

Mindfulness can help you learn to observe your own thoughts and feelings. And you might discover how shame and embarrassment can really bring you down.

The best way to cope is to own your story. Don’t let yourself down, you’re human, you do silly, dumb or weird things: so what?!

Don’t let yourself being hijacked by judgmental thoughts of yourself and others any longer.

Easy Now little steps.

It would be great if we had a stop sign when we are racing around being too busy, or when our mind is racing around in circles!
We forget to enjoy the moment and those that are around us. We get overworked and the mind & body are stretched beyond their limits.

If you find it hard to stop and take a breather, use our phone to set a timer for a couple of times a day. Really you don’t have to do an hour long meditation, you don’t have the time for it! All you do is feel your feet on the floor, focus on your breathing and follow your breathing as you inhale and exhale, for three times only. Doesn’t take long and you have given yourself a mini break!

And yes I do know that you will ignore the timer a couple of times too, and that is just fine. Even if you manage to take a small step once today, or once this week, it is still a step in the right direction!

Mindfulness and clarity

Mindfulness can help in giving you more clarity by becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

By noticing and observing them from a little distance it can be easier to decide which thoughts and feelings you are going to listen to or ignore. As thoughts are only thoughts: little words or sentences that continuously pop up in your mind.

You can decide what you want to do with them and learn to have more control of what’s going on in your head.