Here and now.

Mindfulness training will help you to be more fully present in the here and now. To be able to notice  whatever is happening in this moment. Without having to figure things out or judging things. This way you will worry less, feel more at ease and feel better about yourself.

This might sound easy, an maybe it is. I’m not sure! The mind is made for thinking and wandering and figuring things out and judging and planning ahead and rehashing past things. I guess we are all experts at this!

As we wake up in the morning, where does your mind go? Your mind might start straight away in the thinking-mode. “How will traffic be? I must not forget to get garbage bags at the grocery store. My neck is sore. Hope the kids are ready on time. What’s for dinner tonight? Will the meeting be boring? Hope I can finish this thing at work today.” On and on and on.

Mindfulness training will help you to grab hold of your mind and give yourself a little break. You can do this throughout the day. I would love to hear your experiences!

Here are some Easy Now Mindfulness Miniatures, I’m sure you can think of a lot more!

  1. As you get out of bed, open your windows and take a good look outside, what can you see, hear smell?
  2. As you sit in traffic waiting for the light to turn green, take a good look around you, what can you see?
  3. As you’re waiting in line at the till, look around you, what is there to see, feel, hear or smell?

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