What is mindfulness?

A well formulated definition of Mindfulness is that it is the practice of cultivating nonjudgemental awareness in day to day life. (Stahl &Goldstein).

For me Mindfulness is a way of living and a great way of looking after yourself. It will help you to be more calm and more resilient. It will help you in learning to be less stressed and anxious. It helps in having a more joyful life. And it will make you kinder to yourself by being more accepting and less judgmental. Isn’t this what we all want?

Mindfulness is noticing when your mind is spinning, when you’re worrying about future events or can’t let go of past happenings. It is sitting back and taking a breather, calming yourself down so you get more clarity and it will be easier for you to make decisions. Mindfulness is all about practicing your concentration, living less on the automatic pilot, being less forgetful. It is about feeling more joy in your life, regardless the things that will happen or have happened . Mindfulness is about learning to focus and really taking in the things that seem so small but are so important.
We are always thinking about what we still have to do, what we should achieve, should do better, should do more, or less. We forget that we only live now in this moment. And it is in the here and now where the happy moments are. Mindfulness helps you to focus more on these moments. Learning to take in these moments without being judgemental. Which might sound easy, but honest, it does take some practice!

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