Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

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This week workout is about worrying and overthinking.
First: Thinking, having lots of thoughts popping up, is totally normal, it is what the brain is made to do.
Second: Your brain pops up all these thoughts all the time, and thoughts are not facts.
Third: That means you do not have to take all your thoughts so seriously!
Try to become more aware of your thoughts, being more of an observer. You can practice this by taking some time to sit and focus on your breathing for a minute, and continue with bringing your attention to your toughts. Just noticing your thoughts, popping up, and disappearing again. Because they will pass, like clouds in the sky. You don’t have to analyse them, just notice them. This can improve your selfawareness and selfcontrol.
If you find it hard to stop worrying, try to think of something you can do to distract yourself with. Every time you notice you are worrying, say stop and distract yourself. Eventually this will be easier to do and your worrying will become less severe.
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout and upcoming classes.

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roadWell hello again!

Finally back for the first Weekly Mindfulness Workout of 2018!

I hope you are all well, and that you had a nice break over the holidays.
We went exploring on a roadtrip through Northland, wow it is beautiful up there!
We tried some airbnb’s, did some camping in the rain and finished with the Bay of Islands and a stop over in Taupo on the way home.

To start the year of, this week’s workout is about noticing. Because that is what mindfulness is, bringing your attention to this moment, and notice what is here.
Trying not to judge too much, staying with the facts, just observing.

I try to do that especially when my kids are hanging out together, they are now nearly 14, nearly 18 and 19, so they don’t hang out that often, and they won’t live at home forever either
It is easy to just get on with my own things, without giving it much attention, however noticing them togethe,r makes me feel very happy.
So try this for a week, being mindful of where your attention is, and bringing it to the here and now and notice, take it all in!

Have a good week,


Healthy Mind, Happy Heart


Last Free Weekly Mindfulness this year

Morena lovely people!

Last workout for 2017 already!! Taking a little break and back in 2018!!

So this week take some time to reflect on the past year, how have you been this year? What are you happy with, what have you enjoyed, what have been special moments for you, what are you grateful for? Doesn’t have to be big things, little things count too!!

All the best for now, happy holidays and see you soon!


Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

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Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Good morning!
How are you all? Some of you are in the snow, and others having sun. We had some rain in the weekend but hardly enough!
My Crochet courses for next year are ready for you to register, find them here:
I got some amazing feedback on my courses and one thing that was remarkable was that a lovely lady mentioned she had noticed her concentration was improving!
If you are easily distracted, or find it hard to focus because you have just too much to do, know that attention is like a muscle and you can train this!
This week train your focus and attention by bringing your attention to your breathing. Follow your breathing from breathing in to breathing out again, and count your breathing.
One full breath in – breath out is 1, and so forth.
When you get distracted, no problem! It is great you notice this! Just start counting again from 1.
I would be interested to know how far you can count today, and whether you notice any improvement next week!!??
Have a great week, look after you,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


It is such a busy time for everybody!
You might find yourself continuously doing stuff, rushing, and constantly thinking about all you still have to do.
However don’t forget your body and mind do need breaks, even if it’s only little ones!

For this week try to stop and pause for a minute, a few times a day, and just bring your attention to the here and now.
Use your senses, what can you see, hear, feel, taste, smell??

It’s easy to miss all the good stuff that is right here in front of us, if we just keep going.
Have a great week!



Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


How are you feeling? Busy running up to Christmas and holidays, or slowing down?
I’m slowing down, all my courses have finished! Sometimes slowing down can make you vulnerable to getting negative thoughts. So it’s a good thing to know that your thoughts are just thoughts! Your brain is wired to shoot up random thoughts all the time, and you don’t have to take them too seriously!!
Thoughts will pop up, and they will go away again. If you do not give them any attention they will just dissappear again. If you do give them attention, they will lead to lots of similar thoughts.
This week take some time to just sit, bring your attention to your breathing for a couple of breaths and than bring your attention to your mind.
Look at the thoughts that are popping up, just notice them. They will linger for a bit, and than disappear, as new thoughts appear in your mind.
Just as clouds in the sky, you see them, they go by and than they disappear again.
Try this and let me know how you are!
Have a great week!
Healthy mind, happy heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

As I finished my teaching education course this weekend, my crochet students are finishing this week also!! Very proud of how fast they have learned to crochet and relax!
This week the workout is also a fast way to relax and chill.
Try to do this every day at least once:
Take 5 controlled breaths by breathing in throught your nose with your hand on your belly. Your hand should rise with your bellly as you breathe in.
Pause for 5 counts, and exhale slowly on the count of 5. You can exhale through your nose or mouth. Listen to the sound your breathing makes as you exhale too.
This will help in calming your nervous system, you can read more about it here too:
Have a great week, don’t forget we are colouring again this Sunday!!

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Another week gone by! It’s busy running up to the Summer and holidays and it is easy to forget to notice everything that is going well in your life.
However giving attention to all you love, appreciate and are grateful for is a great habit and easy way to increase your wellbeing!
So this week, post at least one picture every day of what you are grateful for.
Have a great week,
ngā mihi,

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
People often ask me how to start with mindfulness.
The easiest way to start mindfulness is to take something you are doing daily anyway, and decide to do that mindfully!
This is not going to take you any time. All you do is bring your attention to the here and now by using your body and senses.
What can you see here, what can you feel here, what can you hear, what can you smell here??
Remember your body is always in the here and now! It’s just our mind that is always wondering off!!
So this week, go back to basics and pick something from your day that you are doing anyway, and do it mindfully. Doesn’t have to take long. Just a few minutes to start is fine!
Maybe a moment when you have your morning shower, or the first sips of your morning tea.
Taking the stairs mindfully or why not park a bit further away and enjoy your walk mindfully!
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
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